Nut Free Protein Balls

Dairy Free   Gluten Free   Vegan
TIME:15 mins, SERVES:20

It can be hard to make a kid approved sweet treat that is nut free and ticks all of your nutritional boxes – but with these delicious chocolate morsels everyone is sure to be happy!


2 cups shredded coconut

2 tbsp coconut oil

250g pitted medjool dates

8 scoops Nuzest Kids Good Stuff

Desiccated coconut for rolling


1. Add shredded coconut and coconut oil to food processor or Thermomix. Blend on high until the consistency is reasonably smooth ‚ you can leave some lumps if you would like for texture

2. Add dates and process until smooth and combine

3. Add Kids Good Stuff and process until combined

4. Take 1 tsp of mix and shape into a ball with your hands‚ this is a great time to get the kids involved, they love to get their hands dirty!

5. Roll balls in desiccated coconut to coat.

6. Store in the fridge and ENJOY!

7. Makes 20-30 balls

Our thanks to Kate Johnson @korewellbeing for this recipe.

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