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Clean Lean Protein

Can i mix Clean Lean Protein and Good Green Vitality together?

Yes! In fact we encourage it.

How long will it take for my goods to arrive?

In Australia you will receive your order within 2-7 business days.
International deliveries take approximately 10-15 working days,
sometimes longer if the package is delayed at Customs.

Can i track my order?

All orders within Australia can be tracked. If you would like to track your package please email and we will send you the tracking number. International orders can not be tracked.

Can Clean Lean Protein be used for weight loss?

Clean Lean Protein is not a weight loss product, however, protein supplementation is proven to promote weight loss by increasing satiety and regulating blood glucose levels to sustain energy. Coupled with a diet of whole foods and adequate exercise, Clean Lean Protein is able to increase your metabolic rate to help maintain a healthy weight.

Can Clean Lean Protein be used for muscle gain?

Protein supplementation, combined with resistance exercise training, is proven to significantly enhance muscle strength and gain in healthy people; and research shows that pea protein (e.g. Clean Lean Protein) has equal effect on muscle thickness as whey protein. The WHO minimum daily requirements for protein intake is 0.83g/kg of your body weight, and research indicates that the upper limit for safety is 2.2g/kg. Work with a nutritionist to optimise your protein intake to meet your specific needs.

When is the best time to take Clean Lean Protein?

Clean Lean Protein can be consumed at any time of the day as a snack, in your smoothie, or as a training supplement. Research suggests that with adequate energy intake, protein supplements can be consumed pre- or post-training to stimulate lean muscle synthesis. The suggested intake to support muscle development is 0.4-0.5g/kg of lean body mass (muscle mass).

How do i mix your products?

Simply add 2 scoops (25g) to 350ml water or milk of your choice and enjoy.

Can Clean Lean Protein be taken as a meal replacement?

Clean Lean Protein alone is not a meal replacement, it is simply a very clean, high-quality protein supplement that supports overall vitality, muscle recovery, and repair. To use Clean Lean Protein as a meal replacement, you would need to mix it with Good Green Vitality (for the micronutrients), carbohydrates (like banana), and fats (like milk or coconut oil) in order to meet the nutritional requirements of a complete meal.

Can Clean Lean Protein be taken by those that have cancer?

Due to possible nutrient-drug interactions, it’s important that anyone with a pre-existing medical condition or taking medication consults with their health practitioner prior to commencing any nutritional supplements.

How much Clean Lean Protein should be consumed per day?

The guidelines for protein intake vary from country-to-country, however the World Health Organisation (WHO) suggests that the Safe Level of Protein (SLP) intake is 0.83g/kg of body weight per day.1 In a 60kg female, that would equate to 49.8g of protein per day.
Clean Lean Protein can be considered an additional source of protein in a varied diet, providing 18-21g of protein per 25g serving, dependant on flavour, offering a generous contribution to your individual requirements.

If you engage in moderate to high levels of physical activity, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have specific health conditions, your protein requirements may increase. Refer to the WHO's guidelines on protein intake for specific values.

Is Clean Lean Protein easy to digest?

Clean Lean Protein is very easy to digest. Pea protein itself is gentle on the stomach and doesn’t cause the digestive discomfort often associated with dairy (whey or casein) or other plant proteins. Our patented water-based isolation process produces protein that is low in phytates and free from lectins and other antinutrients that can damage the gut and interfere with nutrient absorption, providing a digestibility rating of 98%.

There are no fillers, preservatives or processing aids present in Clean Lean Protein which are commonly associated with digestive discomfort. Furthermore, pea protein contains the conditionally essential amino acid glutamine which is involved in maintaining the integrity of the gut lining.

Is Clean Lean Protein ok for coeliacs & vegans?

Yes. Clean Lean Protein is certified gluten free so it is safe for coeliacs and 100% vegan.

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