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Maria Lucas

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James LaBove


The health food and supplement space is certainly a crowded market place so after years of searching (and consistently trying!) various brands that claimed to provide a clean and natural delivery of protein, I was finally introduced to Clean Lean Protein by Nuzest. Having always been conscious of a protein that was low carb and didn’t leave me feeling flat, Nuzest has exceeded by expectations. From it’s taste to the way it makes me feel after consumption, it’s a product I couldn’t be more satisfied with.

My involvement in the dental industry and as a health professional, means my days are busy and hectic. Clean Lean Protein keeps my energy levels up, cures any sweet cravings (Rich Chocolate flavour mixed with a sprinkle of cinnamon is my favourite!) and keeps me nourished when I’m time poor. The range on offer from Nuzest is incredible, not to mention their Good Green Stuff supplement, which I can’t stop raving about to my family, friends and clients. My immune system and overall wellbeing has never felt better!