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Why Supplement

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As a Dietitian, there is no question for me that meeting our nutritional requirements must come from a great diet. It's my first line treatment goal with my patients. However as a Dietitian, I also see evidence every day that using diet as the only way to meet our nutrient requirements can be a challenge. By using supplements, we can prevent or treat some nutrient deficiencies and potentially some other conditions as well.

The components of our food work together in a synergistic way, a complex relationship that can boost a nutrient's ability to be digested and absorbed. All the science points to a whole diet for their health benefits, such as the Mediterranean diet. These populations tend to live the longest and have the lowest incidence of the big chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease. Their diet's are so significant due to their overall nutrient profile and the synergy of those nutrients, not the isolated vitamins and minerals within them.

The reality is however that diet alone simply may not be enough, and for many reasons, nutritional holes must be filled and supplements may be the only way to do it. Supplements can be used for targeted prevention and treatment or as a generalised preventative measure, like a nutritional insurance policy.

Supplements may be necessary when:

  • There's too much junk food in the diet taking the place of precious nutrients from healthy foods
  • We are busy, stressed and skipping meals
  • Soil and fresh produce are deficient in nutrients
  • Chronic fad dieting
  • Inefficient digestion your body is unable to absorb nutrients effectively
  • Ethical & religious beliefs eg. vegans, vegetarians, ovo-lacto vegetarians, pescetarians
  • Food dislikes
  • Food allergies & intolerances eg. Coealic disease, dairy allergy
  • Other medical conditions and some medications

For general nutritional support, Nuzest's Good Green Stuff is a super supplement that contains a full spectrum of non-synthetic, bioavailable nutrients. It also contains a range of herbs to support the nervous, immune and digestive system and the assist with liver detoxification pathways and brain cognition and memory. It also contains antioxidants from greens, fruits and vegetables for the 94.5% of the population who don't meet their daily fruit and vegetable requirements.

For more specific treatment, a blood test can identify any nutrient deficiencies and a highly qualified health practitioner can assist you in finding an excellent quality supplement to meet your needs.