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Strawberry Pecan Pie Treats


Nicole Frain is the creator of CleanTreats who creates and shares clean recipes to satisfying your cravings without the guilt with over 30,000 Facebook fans. Here she shares some of her favourite Nuzest recipes and inspiration for clean eating.

What inspired you to start CleanTreats?

I love to cook, I always have and when I left home I had no idea what I was doing, I followed a recipe to the letter but I never owned a recipe book. It wasn't long before I started creating ideas of dinner, read up to five recipes before I came up with my own by experimenting.

I also had and still do have a long time passion for health and fitness and I have always tried to eat well for my body and I feel my personal best when I training and eat clean. A friend who introduced me to weight training lured me into training and I am thankful that he did. When he showed me a recipe in a magazine for Protein Balls, something so common in this area of fitness, I decided I would make these. They were a huge hit and so naturally I decided to put my own spin on them and before long I had plenty of friends asking me to make these for them too. I decided that a chocolate protein ball can't be the only great creation and I began making choc mint, apricot and almond and goji berry bites.

I was encouraged by a friend to start sharing my ideas so CleanTreats Facebook page was borne. CleanTreats quickly grew and before long I had a few thousand followers. As my audience continued to grow, I was inspired to create more recipes and as CleanTreats became more popular and recognised I was able to expand my creativity of my recipes from protein balls to raw cakes, vegan and dairy free items, gluten free baking and cupcakes.

I have a passion for food, culture and cooking of all sorts and I love to see people love my ideas so CleanTreats is certainly here to stay and hopefully continue to grow with ongoing support.

What is your favourite non-guilty snack?

I absolutely love a spoonful of natural roasted slightly salted peanut butter straight out of the jar with crunchy peanut butter being my all-time favourite I will frequently have this as my night time treat.

But when it comes to during the day, I love to combine my protein powder (a scoop of Nuzest Clean Lean Protein Rich Chocolate and Wild Strawberry is amazing) into some Greek yogurt with a tablespoon of cottage cheese and this is just like a creamy healthy mousse that I enjoy almost daily. I think it is this combination that prevents cravings.


Favourite CleanTreats Recipe:

This is so hard to choose! It would be between protein pancakes, pumpkin pie and snickers cake. There is something about the peanut goodness, saltiness, dark chocolate and maple caramel that is amazing!

But don't just take my word for it, there is a reason it is my top viewed recipe on all platforms!

Strawberry Pecan Pie Treats

Makes 8x 23g


1/2c toasted pecans

1/4c raw cashews

1/4c raw walnuts

10 dried dates

1 serving Nuzest Clean Lean Protein Wild Strawberry

1tsp freeze dried berry blend

Pinch cinnamon

1tsp water

1tsp melted coconut oil

2tsp honey almond milk


1. Toast your pecans until golden

2. Add all dry ingredients except the protein powder and to a mini food processor (like my (Breville Kitchen Wizz Pro) blend to chop.

3. Add all other ingredients and pulse till combined.

4. Spoon out and roll into your treats. Pressing together in your hand. If a bit dry add more water or almond milk.

5. You can roll through coconut but I left as is. Store in the fridge.

I made mine without waiting for the pecans to cool from the oven so they were warm, which was amazing!

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