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We asked Nuzest Ambassador Trent Knox from @the_440 how he practices self love. Get inspired by his wise words below. 


For many people, the idea or concept of self-love may create images of yoga, walking barefoot sipping on herbal teas. However, if I speak from my experience over the past few years, self-love and the practice of it can take on many shapes and forms.


Firstly, loving yourself needs to come from within. In order to give love, you need to be able to receive love... in order to receive love, you need to love yourself. And to be honest, it's not always an easy thing to do like most tasks, actions or habits in life. You need to practice it, and it needs to be daily.


When you love yourself, you put yourself first. And in order to put yourself first, you have to practice (daily again) the things that make you happy and feel good. It could be as simple as jumping in the ocean at sunrise, and on the way grabbing a coffee from your favourite cafe.


Part of my self-love plan is getting up in the dark, I'm an early riser and I like being up before everyone else. My head is clear and it calms me, I usually get a meditation in, that allows me to centre myself and let go of anything that may not serve me.


Other things that I do daily are drinking lots of water, I try to eat as clean as I can, however I'm known for having a sweet tooth! My daily exercise/training is always with friends, that's really important to me to be surrounded by people I love and care for. It makes me feel good and makes the hard days easy. I move my body everyday, that could be from a simple stretch, a group work-out, a shuffle or even a surf. I connect with my community daily, we share our energy and our stories and we get better together.


One of the biggest lessons I've learnt recently is not only being to open to receiving love, but also being open minded and open to new invitations. Try new things, whether it be yoga, breathing classes, learn to swim or to dance. We are never too old! You never know what opportunities are around the corner or right in front of you.


Finally, for me self-love comes first, my health and well being comes first before anything. Sometimes that means saying NO to things. What I've found in recent years, if I love myself, if I put me first... I then get the version of me and so does everyone around me.