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Good Green Stuff vs. individual greens

Author_Cliff-Harvey Diet & Nutrition Supplements

Chlorella, a single celled algae, is most well known for it's reported ability to reduce heavy metal and chemical toxicity in the body. It is also considered a good source of B-vitamins and quality protein for vegetarians, and has a range of health benefits including: increased cognition, enhanced immunity and digestion, and it may also aid maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.

Like a lot of 'superfoods' and 'green' products there are undeniable benefits from taking chlorella.

The question is: Could you be getting more from your 'Greens'?...

Good Green Stuff is a product that I use and recommend to my athletes and patients, and it incidentally includes chlorella as one of the core ingredients.

Spirulina The other algal superfood. Included in the Good Green Stuff formula is another algal superfood: spirulina. This provides many synergistic effects with chlorella, due to its higher protein content and higher amounts of essential fatty acids and certain b-vitamins. It makes sense to include both of these ingredients to get the greatest nutritional benefits.

But there is more to the Good Green Stuff than these super foods! GGS incorporates a range of highly alkaline and nutrient dense vegetable extracts to further provide a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals and increase alkalinity (which is important because our modern lifestyle and diet promotes low grade chronic acidosis that is damaging to the body.)

Antioxidant rich fruits and berries are also included to help offset the effects of free radicals (that cause premature aging and encourage inflammation), whilst adaptogenic herbs in the formula help our bodies to respond to stress more effectively.

Finally, the digestive and detoxification benefits of chlorella and spirulina are enhanced by the addition of herbs that support digestion, gastro-intenstinal health and provide liver and kidney support (such as Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Slippery Elm and Ginger.)

....So You could take chlorella, spirulina, a multivitamin/mineral, antioxidants and a range of herbal tinctures each and every day (and drive yourself mad in the process!) ...Or You could take one serving a day of Good Green Stuff.