50 Marathons in 50 Days - Yes You Heard Right!
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50 Marathons in 50 Days - Yes You Heard Right!


We asked our friend Nedd Brockmann @neddbrockmann - endurance runner and Nuzest enthusiast to answer a few questions about his incredible performance. Get inspired below!


What made you decide to embark on this crazy journey?

I guess it’s as simple as I love challenging myself. I love dealing with adversity and dealing with problems to eventually come out on top of it all and feel an overwhelming sense of achievement. It wasn’t always through running but I had found running through covid. I just completed a 100km run in the middle of the night without much nutrition, very naïve of me; I made it home safely to then have the thought of what’s next?

Twiddling my thumbs together I came up with the idea of working my 7am till 3 pm job as an electrician while running a marathon distance every day as well after work. 50 marathons in 50 days. Why not? The amount of people that supported me straight away made it all the more important that I went through with it. So I guess the decision to embark on this journey was an easy one when you put it all together.



What did an average day look like for you over the 50 days?

I would rise at approx. 5:30am, try move my legs to get out of bed, grunt a little and then shuffle to the kitchen. I would then get the calories in as I was starving then put my work clothes on and drive into work. Work was a slog most days but I managed to get through each day while actually completing some tasks on the tools.

2 pm would come around an I would start to fire myself up and try get the body moving a little more freely. 3pm would hit and id be out the door, usually back home to get the joggers on and by 3:45 pm id be on the track running.

The run would take anywhere from 3-4 hours. Id finish the run close to home, my roommates would go and get two bags of ice and id indulge in an ice bath as soon as I got home. I was so sore, like nothing ive ever experienced, so rather than stretch I would just lay in bed and try to get some sleep. And repeat.



What was the hardest part for you?

I think the sleep deprivation and the time on my feet each day was the hardest part. Getting enough sleep aids the body so much in recovery and sleep was something I just wasn’t getting enough of. My tendons and ligaments were incredibly sore and inflamed after the first week so every time I rolled over in my sleep I would wake up.

I was averaging around 4 hrs a night. There were definitely times at work I went for sneaky 20-minute naps in my lunch break. Also being on my feet all day, even though I may not be using lots of energy I still wasn’t resting the legs the way I would have liked. So being active for 8 hours prior to the run was just so incredibly tiring.

I had to adapt to this and limit time on feet prior to running. Luckily for me there were plenty of jobs where I could take a seat and just do the task at hand without thinking too much. Once the body adapts its amazing to see what you’re capable of.



What did you eat/ drink over the period?

Each day consisted of a lot of calories being consumed. After I would wake up I would take a shot of Nuzest Good Green Vitality in the morning before anything. It was the easiest way to get vital greens in when I didn’t have time to cook or find other alternatives.

I would then eat at 5:30am, 7am, 9am, 11am and 2pm. 5am was usually 2 bacon and egg rolls, 7 am was a chocolate milkshake and a Nuzest Smooth Vanilla Clean Lean Protein shake. 11 and 2 were big protein meals with plenty of carbs to keep the energy levels high. Fats were always vital as well. I was consuming around 8-9 thousand calories each day!

I would then run for around 3 and a half hours while only drinking water throughout. On completion of the run it was vital to replenish all fluids lost. I would drink a chocolate milk, lemonade and another 500ml of Nuzest Good Green Vitality before unleashing into a big complex carbohydrate and protein dense meal around 9pm.


What's next for you?

What's next for me. Well, during the 50 days I had a lot of time to think. Around day 5 I thought of crossing the country on foot. After lots of thinking I decided I wanted to break the world record for the fastest run across the country. Which is 4000 km in 45 days, I'm hoping to do it in 40. Around 100 km a day for 40 days. It will be tough, but anything is possible. This will be happening later this year!