GOOD GREEN STUFF – Supports the body’s natural detoxification process

Good Green Stuff is known for being a nutrient powerhouse for a very good reason. It’s packed with 75 different ingredients, which provide countless more nutrients, vitamins, minerals and active components. So I’d like to introduce you to a few special ones and how they can benefit your health, starting with broccoli sprout powder.

Broccoli is from the species of brassica plant, which contain all the cruciferous vegetables, including cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprouts and kale. Broccoli has quite the nutrient profile, boasting very high levels of vitamin K and vitamin C and is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin E, B vitamins and folate. It’s also a great source of minerals such as chromium, phosphorus, manganese, choline and copper with a little zinc, iron, calcium and selenium. To top it off, broccoli also contains powerful phytonutrients called glucosinolates. Phew!

Humans are perpetually exposed to a variety of toxins from our environment and from our food and alcohol. If these toxins aren’t eliminated constantly, they can be harmful to our health causing oxidative stress, chronic inflammation and in fact can alter our DNA. It’s up to our liver to process and eliminate these toxins in a two-phase process. This is where broccoli steps up and has the ability to support phase two of this process from the unique trio of glucosinolates, which are not found in the same quantity or combination in any other food.

By the time new year hits, we’re often so over alcohol and eating out because the social events and Christmas parties can be just relentless. Keeping on top of our health and supporting our body during this time is essential and this is where having a daily serving of Nuzest Good Green Stuff can be a fantastic, quick and easy addition to your routine.



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