Green Energy Bundle

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Need a kick? This bundle contains Good Green Stuff, Vanilla Matcha Clean Lean Protein, a FREE Multivitamin Bar and a Nuzest Smart Shaker.

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Need a kick? Our Green Energy Bundle contains a 300g tub of Good Green Stuff multi-nutrient powder, a 225g tub of our brand new Vanilla Matcha Clean Lean Protein, a FREE Multivitamin Bar and a Nuzest Smart Shaker for when you’re on-the-go.

Good Green Stuff
More than just a multi and more than just greens – Good Green Stuff is the ultimate lifestyle supplement. Formulated for maximum vitality, it is packed full of B Vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, iodine and biotin to help your body create energy.

Clean Lean Protein Functional Flavours – Vanilla Matcha
Premium European Golden Pea Protein flavoured simply and naturally with Vanilla and Match Green Tea powder. Matcha contains slow-release caffeine to give you sustained energy throughout the day. The L-Theanine in Matcha has a calming effect resulting in a calm and focused energy.

Multi-vitamin Bar
When you need an afternoon energy snack, replace your chocolate bar with a Good Green Stuff Multi-vitamin bar. It contains a half serve of Good Green Stuff with fruits, nuts and seeds for a healthy energy boost.


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How to Use

Good Green Stuff: Mix 10g with 200-250ml water Clean Lean Protein: Mix 25g with 250-300ml water or dairy-free milk Use your Nuzest shaker for a smooth, consistent blend!

What’s in Clean Lean Protein?

Simply European Golden Pea protein with natural flavours. No fillers, no added sugar, nothing artificial.