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Ultimate Anti-Inflammation Guide

Do you suffer with persistent aches or pains? Inflammation is a key response of the body’s immune system. However, long-term inflammation can have negative effects on the body and may be caused by common lifestyle factors such as a lack of sleep, stress and a poor diet.


The Ultimate Anti-Inflammation Guide is a 28-day self-motivated challenge that provides you with information on nutrition and lifestyle factors to reduce inflammation in the body. Created with registered clinical nutritionists Dr Cliff Harvey and Bella Marinkovich, over 4 weeks you will be provided with simple meal plans, shopping lists and visual portion guides, with a focus on whole foods and anti-inflammatory foods, to allow you to get the best of you. The guide also includes an Everyday Recipe Book which contains 8 delicious recipes with gluten free, dairy free, soy free, nut free and vegan options. 



Ultimate Anti-Inflammation Guide



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