Nuzest nutrition for Athletes


Jock Athletic is a high performance training company specialising in services for professional, amateur & ‘ev-eryday’ athletes. They are dedicated to providing their athletes the best opportunities to maximise their po-tential – this includes recommendations for optimal nutrition.

The team at Jock Athletic recommend Nuzest as the perfect nutritional platform.


The team at Jock Athletic recommend Nuzest as the perfect nutritional platform for three main reasons

All natural ingredients which are good for you
WADA tested batches available for athletes to consume during racing and competition
It tastes great!

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Good Green Stuff

More than a multi, and more than just greens, Good Green Stuff provides complete nutritional support in one daily serve.

Clean Lean Protein

It’s easy to digest, low in allergens and extremely low in carbohydrates. It’s the perfect performance advantage for athletes and great for everyone.

A word from Jock Campbell
High Performance Director | Jock Athletic

At Jock Athletic, we promote a well-balanced, healthy diet for our athletes that provides them enough energy for high quality training sessions and competition. We also promote that eating at the right time pre and post training will allow the greatest adaptations to training and the quickest recovery from training. The aim of our high performance programs is to get the athlete to adhere to a well rounded and periodised training program consistenly, combine that with their good periodised eating habits, recovery work, sleep and limit their alcohol intake. Once all these processes and demonstrated commitment is in place, only then do we enter a discussion with them regarding supplements. There is no point taking supplements if they are not committed to the rest of the program.

The only supplements we then recommend to the busy athlete are healthy, legal protein supplements. As most athletes are busy and often racing from one session to another, protein powders or protein shakes are exceptionally helpful for recovery and muscle repair and also to stimulate protein synthesis (muscle building) within the muscle. These are great to have on the way to the gym after work or school, or between a running and gym session, or even before our early morning gym sessions.

We have been testing Nuzest shakes for the past 2 years and love the taste (which is a big key for getting our athletes to use it) and more importantly are impressed by the lengths Nuzest go to ensure their products contain only healthy and legal ingredients. We are so happy to be able to endorse Nuzest to our athletes as a product we fully believe in and personally use ourselves. My favourites are Vanilla, Chocolate and of course Coffee/Coconut and I have them with milk, they taste like milkshakes. And our kids love the Kids Good Stuff range.