Top 10 Health Hacks
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Top 10 Health Hacks

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AUTHOR: Julia Glaser (Nutritionist & Health Coach)


  1. Remove the temptation from your home, 'out of sight, out of mind'

Don’t have that ice cream waiting for you in the freezer when you know you start to crave it after dinner, and don't have those chips in the pantry when you get home from work. Fill your home with foods that won't leave you feeling guilty or sickly after! Sure, have a treat when you want it, but if it's more of an effort to get your hands on you will be less likely to have it. Out of sight, out of mind, don’t tempt yourself!


  1. Buy frozen Veggies if your time poor

Frozen vegetables are as nutritious as fresh and can be more accessible. Always have a stocked up freezer with veggies so that you have no excuse if you haven’t had time to get to the grocer. They come cut and ready to go, reducing the effort! 

*My veggie freezer staples are peas, corn, broccoli, green beans, spinach, kale and chopped onion.


  1. Buy organic frozen to reduce your chemical load!

Some of the most highly sprayed crops are strawberries, blueberries, spinach and kale. However it can be really expensive and hard to find these organic. A much cheaper and easier option is buying them ‘organic frozen’ to reduce your pesticide exposure! 

*Add these straight into your smoothies


  1. Read your labels! If you don’t understand the ingredients, chances are your body won't either!

When buying processed foods (try and keep this to a minimal) always start with looking at the ingredients list. If there are words and numbers you don’t understand how is your body supposed to? Thickeners, emulsifiers and most stabilisers don’t belong in our body, so aim for a short ingredient list's that you understand!

*Also remember, the first ingredient is the most abundant in that product so make sure you don’t see a form of sugar as your top 3!


  1. Eat a variety of the rainbow

Ever heard of the expression 'Disease starts in the gut'? Well it’s absolutely true! Our gut needs to be fed good bacteria to overcrowd the bad to avoid all kinds of disease and illness. This can be achieved through eating an abundance of different fruits and vegetables, feeding your good gut bugs. But don’t get complacent with eating the same varieties everyday, feed your gut a rainbow of nutrients.

*I aim for 30 different plants (vegetables/fruits/legumes) a week, start small and work up to this number. Your gut will thank you!


  1. Hydrate hydrate hydrate!

Often when we are dehydrated our body thinks we are hungry. If you think your hungry but only finished eating an hour ago chances are your actually thirsty! Try and drink a glass of water before reaching for that snack

*Find water boring? Add cucumber, mint, lemon or strawberries in to your water bottle to give you a nice flavor if you struggle to get your water in and invest in a good plastic free water bottle that you can take with you everywhere!


  1. Start your day on the right track!

If you begin your day rushed and end up ordering a bacon & egg roll you are more likely to continue on that unhealthy path as you’ve now got a taste for it. Start your day healthy and mindfully! Don’t have time to make breakfast in the chaos of your morning routine? No problem, prep it the night before so that it is as simple as grab and go. 

*My top breakfasts to pre-prep are overnight oats, chia pudding and a yoghurt & fruit bowl all in which can be stored in a container or jar in the fridge overnight.


  1. Get enough protein to keep you full!

Protein is satiating, often if people are on ‘diets’ they eat like a rabbit and are constantly hungry because there body doesn’t have enough energy to burn so its looking for fast energy in the form of sugar! By adding protein to each meal you are more likely to be satisfied afterwards. But don’t think protein just comes in the form of animal products. Swap it out for chickpeas, lentils, beans, tofu to help feed our gut with the good stuff.


  1. Always have a healthy snack available on the go!

To avoid buying whatever snack is available on the run (remember we often don't make smart decisions when we are hungry), carry healthy snacks with you at all times to tie you over when you are on the go.

*Small bag of nuts, vegetable sticks, protein balls, a piece of fruit such as an apple or mandarin etc.



Cook once, eating multiple times. This is hands down the golden key to living a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable. Dedicate one afternoon during your week (Sundays are my go to!) to cook some essentials that are going to set you up for your week ahead and avoid you eating out all the time. 

*My top meal prep tips to prepare are; a big batch of quinoa, roasted vegetables, protein balls, overnight oats, a big soup/curry.