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As a new ambassador for Nuzest protein I've gone nuts!!! Like crazy obsessed after I got my first tub of the smooth choc flavoured Nuzest pea protein powder and I've been putting it in EVERYTHING! So here are my 5 favourite ways to enjoy Nuzest Clean Lean Protein

  1. THE CLASSIC SMOOTHIE One banana, one scoop of Choc protein powder, Just over a cup of Oat Milk, 2 scoops of Coconut Yogurt and Honey if you're a sweet tooth. Yum!
  1. COCONUT CHOC YOGHURT I suffer from ongoing Gastrtis, so Coconut Yogurt is a go to for me when I need a healing snack. Adding choc protein powder to the mixed topped with a few berries and WOW! Whole new level for my regular yogurt bowl.
  1. DATE BALLS I've been making these babies for a while now but instead of using Whey protein which is much to harsh on my stomach and not easily absorbed; I use the Nuzest Choc protein instead.
  1. YEP, CHOC MUESLI! I find it so much easier to workout in the morning between clients so when I know I have a session planned and not a lot of time I have my protein before my session IN my breakfast! Since your body stores Protein till it's needed there's not hard in sprinkling a little on my Gluten free muesli and yogurt first thing.
  1. NOT YOUR AVERAGE HOT CHOCOLATE I use to love a Hot Chocolate at night till I realised just how much added sugar there is in most regular brands! The I tried straight raw Cacao, which is the other extreme which kind of killed the hot chocolate faze for me. WAHOOO! Along comes Nuzest protein powder and with a little bit of Oat Milk, super smooth, subtle taste and I'm off to the land of Nod in no time!

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