Running season is upon us! Running is great for the cooler months as it doesn’t take you long to warm up, it gets you outside in the fresh air and you don’t have to worry about swallowing flies or running the risk of dehydration from the heat.

If you’re training for the upcoming fun run season or perhaps just want to improve your running game, trying to hit a certain distance requires the correct fuel for maximum performance. To get the most out of your workout follow these simple tips by Nuzest experts for your best run yet.

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Load Up on H2O

Staying hydrated while running is a key component to success. The main reasons for hydration is to reduce the amount of fluid loss from sweat to stop dehydration, cramping of muscles and fatigue. Jase and David, endurance athletes and running experts say that maintaining optimal fluid and electrolyte balance is of vital importance, and to prepare for this a person must hydrate before, during and after activity.

As a general rule, men should aim to drink 2.5 litres of water and for women roughly 2 litres. They also suggest to avoid consuming a huge amount of water right before running as it will leave your stomach feeling full, bloated and nauseous. This will also prevent the need to take a toilet break mid-way through.

Eat your Veggies

Eating for optimal performance means fuelling your body with nutrient-dense foods that allow it thrive. Cliff Harvey a PhD candidate in nutrition, says that the majority of us don’t get all the vital micronutrients our body needs from diet alone. Taking a whole-food based greens and multi-nutrient supplement is one the easiest ways to meet the nutritional needs your body demands for running. There is a formulated all-in-one supplement Good Green Stuff packed with fruit, vegetables and herbs with added antioxidants and other essential nutrients. Including more fruits and vegetables to your diet will greatly impact your running performance and overall energy levels.

Replete with other Nutrients

During exercise your body will lose key vitamins and minerals needed to stay strong throughout your workout. Naturopath and Nutritionist Nicola Miethke has suggested a range of healthy foods to eat during the day to reduce a deficiency.

Sodium and Chloride-rich foods essential for maintaining water and electrolyte balance include eggs, sardines, olives, celery and tomatoes.

Potassium-rich foods essential for maintaining electrolyte balance include avocado, banana, citrus fruits and vegetables.

Foods that are high in magnesium that play a key role in energy storage include dark leafy greens, legumes and wholegrains.

Lastly, calcium-rich foods important for our bones range from broccoli, buckwheat, dairy products and almonds. By including these types of food in your daily diet it will help maintain good health and promote high performance.

Load Up on Protein and Good Crabs

Consuming an adequate amount of protein and carbohydrates before a run will help boost athletic performance. Think of these as the main source of fuel for your body as it will gain the most amount of energy. Runners need protein for muscle growth and repair in between workouts and this will prevent injury. Before a run, make sure to start your day with a breakfast high in protein such as an egg and chicken omelet or protein pancakes. This will properly power your body and mind for a successful run. Carbohydrates are just as important and should come from quality sources as it will amplify your endurance fitness. A good snack to eat are bananas as they are high in carbohydrates and easy to digest. Complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, whole-wheat bread and oatmeal will allow your body to absorb the highest nutrients.

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